New Gear Coming Soon….

New gear coming soon. Check it out. Check back often.


Looking for a career in dispatch?

This one is to all the people looking at applying for a dispatch position. Here is the deal. You can study and be nervous for the civil service test or whatever test you may have to take, but the real deal is at the interview table. Once you get there, it is show time. Here... Continue Reading →

Word of Advice…..

This is to my new, probationary firefighter. You just got an exciting new job, your dream job right. You meet your new crew and they seem really nice. You are excited and you feel like you are fitting in, then the jokes start. Before you start talking like you know something, word of advice don't... Continue Reading →


I just want to say I work with some of the best of the best. This includes police, dispatch, fire and EMS. There was a tragic call that we responded to and I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of guys and girls to help me out with. I am not going into details... Continue Reading →

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