When to take a break?

I was quite amazed by our fire chief a few nights ago. Our department was out fighting a structure for, (or what was left of an abandoned residence), and in the middle of it all he called everyone back to take a break. Now the fire was knocked down and only smoldering with a few hot spots. There was no structure left to save and no fear of it spreading anywhere. Now I am sure some firefighters can relate and this may have happened to them before, but i was amazed.

The Chief called everyone back to take a break and to re-hydrate. Everything was under control at this time. So all of us that were “doing work” went back to the truck and enjoyed a nice ice cold water.( Provided by our First Responders….Thank you). We caught our breaths and got refreshed to go back at it again to finish the job so we could get back home.

There was no, you go take a break and then relieve me it was everyone goes and you go now. It was huge and the men and women that were there actually fighting the fire could not have been happier.

Big Shout Out to the CHIEF….

Truck 55 Mafia


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