Is it really anonymous??????

Lets’ talk a little off the subject about something that bugs me. Now I am a firm believer of alcoholics anonymous. Not that I have ever used them or even drink, but it is nice to have a support group for people in need.

One of the biggest things that bug me is locations that have these large banners out front saying when alcoholics’ anonymous classes are. Seriously, is it not the point to remain anonymous? To help preserve these individuals privacy. I do not agree with drinking and driving or anyone who drinks too much. I do agree with people trying to get help and keeping it anonymous. So now, I can drive by certain places at certain times and see if I know who is going to these classes. I personally think it should be more discreet.

Another thing that bothers me is, if you are a taxi driver going to alcoholics anonymous do not drive your taxicab to the class. Now everyone knows you are, or were a drinking taxicab driver. If you do need to drive your cab to class, park down the road and walk there.

For those of you who need help, get it. There are a ton, of support groups out there.

If you are one hanging a big banner saying when alcoholics anonymous classes are, stop and show some respect for those who are looking for help.


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