Training do’s and don’ts

Training is a very important part of our careers. No matter what career you are in, training will help you succeed. It does not matter if you have been working one month or fifteen years, you can still get a lot out of training if you listen. I do not mean show up and tell everybody about your war stories and how you have done everything and know everything in the world. I mean, sit there with your listening ears on.

Repeatedly, people go to training because there “job” made them go or it was away for them to get out of work. That may be true but take advantage of learning. Do not go into a training class and try to teach it if you are not the instructor. Other people in the class are there and actually want to learn. If you are new to the game, the only time you should really speak up is to ask a question. Not to tell everybody how you have been working there 3 months and have figured out the hidden secret of success. I hate to break it to you there is not one except, hard work, dedication and training.

One thing that bugs me the most is sitting in a classroom full of people that have only been doing there “job” 3 months and I have to sit there and hear how they know everything and have done everything. If you were so good at it, you would not be in the class, and if your “job” forced you to go, then do us all a favor and either not show up or be quiet until you are asked to speak. You have to remember not every organization does it the same way. Not every person handles every situation the same way that is why we are in training.

I have never read a book that said this is the only way to do your job. There are many different ways and they all come to the same result. Someone just handled it a little differently then you have.

So please, if you are ever in a training class, at least act like you are trying to learn and not talk through it all. I really do not want to hear about your stories when you have only been in the game 3 months. Stay there at least a few years then come try to tell me about it.


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