Baby delivery… Kind of….

I received a 911 call awhile back of a female believing she was in labor. As any one of us dispatchers do, we start going through are questions of baby delivery. We start asking questions per our protocol and dispatch the appropriate personnel to the scene. However, mine was a little different. I had a... Continue Reading →


To my dispatchers……

One of the most important points of being a 911 dispatcher is being a 911 dispatcher. Every day you receive hundreds of calls, some are emergencies and some are people looking for information. The manner of how we take these calls should never change. These callers are looking for professionals on the other end of... Continue Reading →


Consolidation can be a bad thing to some in the firefighting world. It could mean loss of jobs, loss of stations and loss of respect for the city you are firefighting in. But some consolidation could be a good thing. In the area I am a firefighter in we have 24 different fire departments in... Continue Reading →

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