Making money blogging….

How much money do I make from blogging? How do you make a $1000 a week from blogging? Can I quite my full-time job to write blogs? I receive these questions from many viewers and visitors out there. I do not have the answer to all of them, but I can shed some light on... Continue Reading →


Thank You

I would like to thank everyone for their support during this rough time of my father passing. There have been many kind words, flowers, visitors, and hugs from many of you. My mind has been numb for the last week and  I am now trying to get back into reality. There are not enough words... Continue Reading →

911 Dis”Bat”cher

So as I sit hear wearing my Batman mask while dispatching and got to thinking. It is time for me to tell you how I almost became the Batman and not the 911 dis"bat"cher. It all started when I was younger. I was being trained to be Batman as well as the current Batman. We... Continue Reading →

The Raging Unicorns

I know, I know that wasn't right talking about the "new engine 16", and your right. The truck is amazing and rides like a Cadillac, and there are also some awesome bad @ss firefighters on that Engine. But, I had to have a little fun on it. For the members of Engine 16, remember that... Continue Reading →

New Engine 16 logo???

Our department has received our new fire engine. It is called the "new 16" as of right now, but at Truck 55 Mafia we felt they needed a slogan and a logo. So without further wait, I proudly announce Engine 16 "The Raging Unicorns"...I do not own the rights to this picture. Whomever did come... Continue Reading →

When to take a break?

I was quite amazed by our fire chief a few nights ago. Our department was out fighting a structure for, (or what was left of an abandoned residence), and in the middle of it all he called everyone back to take a break. Now the fire was knocked down and only smoldering with a few... Continue Reading →

Summertime fun….

It's here....summertime that is. Time to bust out the grills, head to the beach and crack open a few tall boys. But not so fast. First let's talk about a little water safety, especially for our kids. Although summertime is a fun time of the year and the lake, ocean and pools are ready to... Continue Reading →

Dispatch fun….

Most of us have seen Super Troopers and have played the “meow” game over the radio. It is fun but here are a few of my other favorites. Instead of phonetic alphabet, you use animals. Playing where is WALDO. B10, you know what I am talking about. Do not call me radio. C10. (Full line... Continue Reading →

Is it really anonymous??????

Lets’ talk a little off the subject about something that bugs me. Now I am a firm believer of alcoholics anonymous. Not that I have ever used them or even drink, but it is nice to have a support group for people in need. One of the biggest things that bug me is locations that... Continue Reading →

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