911 Dis”Bat”cher

So as I sit hear wearing my Batman mask while dispatching and got to thinking. It is time for me to tell you how I almost became the Batman and not the 911 dis"bat"cher. It all started when I was younger. I was being trained to be Batman as well as the current Batman. We... Continue Reading →


The Raging Unicorns

I know, I know that wasn't right talking about the "new engine 16", and your right. The truck is amazing and rides like a Cadillac, and there are also some awesome bad @ss firefighters on that Engine. But, I had to have a little fun on it. For the members of Engine 16, remember that... Continue Reading →

Summertime fun….

It's here....summertime that is. Time to bust out the grills, head to the beach and crack open a few tall boys. But not so fast. First let's talk about a little water safety, especially for our kids. Although summertime is a fun time of the year and the lake, ocean and pools are ready to... Continue Reading →

Dispatch fun….

Most of us have seen Super Troopers and have played the “meow” game over the radio. It is fun but here are a few of my other favorites. Instead of phonetic alphabet, you use animals. Playing where is WALDO. B10, you know what I am talking about. Do not call me radio. C10. (Full line... Continue Reading →

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